The Center for Emotional Healing is a counseling practice with a holistic approach to therapy. We have a vision to see healing, growth and flourishing take place in the lives of our clients and in our community. It is our passion to walk alongside our clients in a collaborative effort to create solutions, develop healing, and achieve goals that elevate the dignity of our clients. 

Each month we will be posting an article that offers insight and suggestions for how to increase your ability to handle adversity and respond to life with acceptance, freedom and joy. Feel free to send in suggestions for topics. We love interacting with the members of our community!

If you have questions about anything related to mental, emotional, social, or spiritual wellness, please reach out to us! Our staff are highly qualified to answer your questions and bring clarity where there is obscurity.

We’re here to listen. 
We’re here to learn. 
We’re here to help. 

Until we meet, may the Creator bless you and keep you. 

With all affection,
CEH Staff