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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor. I hold a Master of Arts in Community Counseling from Louisiana State University (2008), and a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from The University of Alabama (1984).  I’ve owned my own professional practice-Baton Rouge Counseling Associates-since March 2012. Fall of 2021, I left that private practice after more than 9 years and have joined the team at the Center for Emotional Healing (CEH). My years at BRCA were productive and fruitful, for which I’m thankful. I’m looking forward to my professional associations at CEH.

My Specialty

I have two areas of specialty: trauma and couples work. I have sought and continue to seek professional development in these two areas. These areas demand it.  In 2019, I was certified in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT). I was the 9th in the state of LA (currently out of 10) to earn this designation and it was some work! (click here to learn more about EFT). I have also been certified in Story Informed Trauma Therapy (SITT). Byron Kehler, a top professional in the field of trauma recovery, developed this particular approach (click here to learn more about SITT). I’m also trained in EMDR, a treatment modality for trauma that is shown by research to be very efficient at helping to resolve trauma.   

My Approach & Philosophy

I view counseling as an important place to come when individuals and/or couples get stuck relationally. There are daily, consistent habits and relationships that individuals and couples need in their lives to experience emotional health (another person who you feel safe enough to consistently be vulnerable with, a community you feel part of, nutrition, exercise, if you have a spiritual piece then a community of faith in which you are meaningfully part of, etc). You add the counseling piece for a period of time to grow beyond the stuck points. Even though I have been an individual and couples counselor for years with the attendant experience, education, knowledge and skill that follows, there are times that I have sought my own personal counseling….when I am stuck. I believe this makes me a more mature and wise adult and therefore-counselor. 

My Background

I have been married to Clayton since may 1984. We have 3 adult-aged children and 5 amazing grandchildren. I have served in various roles over the years from stay-at-home Mom to the working-world roles to volunteer roles in the community (PTA, Prayer groups, Women’s Ministry). I  have been a Pastor’s wife and my husband and I have served with organizations such as Campus Crusade for Christ and Young Life. I was born in 1961 (you do the math!) and grew up in Birmingham, Al. A significant part of my childhood was spent on swim teams as a competitive swimmer! 

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