Cindy Corie

Counseling Intern

Counselor Intern

Currently, I am working toward a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling through Colorado Christian University. I work as a counseling intern for Arbor Family Health at a school in Pointe Coupe Parish. I graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a Bachelor of General Studies in 1986. My concentration in General Studies was Psychology, Sociology, and Science.

My Specialty

Because I am a student, I am still discovering my specialty. My heart is to see people freed from the effects of trauma. I recently attended the Story Informed Trauma Therapy training developed by Byron Kehler. I have experience with Mending the Soul and look forward to facilitating a group in the fall. Walking with individuals through their stories is a privilege. I enjoy working with children ages 8 to 17 and look forward to expanding my counseling practice to adults.

My Approach & Philosophy

Everyone is a unique being made in the image of God. Each person has a purpose in life, and my goal is to help you find that purpose. Walking with you through your story is a privilege and an honor. My approach is holistic, meaning I connect the mind, body, and spirit to regain wholeness in your being. You will recover the wholeness you were created to walk in through therapy.

My Background

I am a wife of 34 years, a mother of three, a homeschool mom, a dog mom, a Sunday school teacher, a three-time triathlon finisher, a yoga instructor, a trauma survivor, and the daughter of the One true King.

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